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Brandon Wise

Vice President of Beverage Operations at Sage Restaurant Group, Denver, Colorado

As VP of Beverage Operations with Sage Hospitality Group, Brandon Wise role includes overseeing Sage’s corporate beverage program with IMI Agency, which was a Vibe Award finalist for Best Overall Beverage Program in 2020. Since joining the team in 2014 Brandon has helped open more than 25 bars, restaurants and cafés with Sage Restaurant Concepts, which was named one of Restaurant Hospitality’s Most Powerful Multi Concept Restaurant Groups in 2020.

Brandon Wise was recently named to Wine Enthusiast’s ‘40 Under 40’ list in 2018, was presented with Cheers Magazine’s ‘Raising the Bar’ Award in 2019, and Sage’s beverage program was a In years past he was elected to consecutive terms as President and Vice President of the Oregon Bartenders Guild as well as the United States Bartenders Guild Nominating Committee.

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