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Maximilian Kast MS

Master Sommelier and Director of Education at Broadbent Selections Inc

Wine is a beverage that can connect people, it can act as a universal language, if presented with hospitality, humility, and inclusion. This is at the heart of my professional philosophy. A philosophy developed over my years operating award winning wine programs, managing territories for a boutique importer, and teaching wine classes around the country.

I’ve always loved that the hospitality and wine industries are ever-changing and dynamic. Therefore, I always remain the curious student, ready to learn and adapt. It’s an approach that has lead me to become a Master Sommelier, a hard-won certification that I achieved after eight attempts.

I enjoy building and running excellent wine programs, hospitality teams and events. I believe the best way to achieve the highest levels in hospitality and wine is by leading with compassion, where inspiring and mentoring others for success is the building block for great, productive and happy teams.

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