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Cara Patricia

Co-Founder & CEO, Sommelier, Bottle Club Director DECANTsf

Cara Patricia is co-founder and sommelier of DECANTsf, a boutique wine and craft beer bottle shop & bar in San Francisco's SoMa West District. Known for her relaxed style of wine education, Cara's motto is "Drink for Yourself", a reminder that regardless of the trends and fads of the beverage world, what is most important is what makes YOU happy.

Cara is currently open to speaking engagements, industry panels, and round tables. She is also hoping to connect with professionals who are seeking wine and beverage services for the home or office.

Cara has been specializing in wine and beverage since 2008 when she became the first Manager/Wine Steward of Chicago’s Longman & Eagle and events coordinator at fine wine & spirits retail at Chicago's LUSH Wine & Spirits.

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