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Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Ltd.


"Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking"​ - KTW, is one of the biggest wine and spirits producer company of Georgia, producing a wide variety of white, red, sparkling and Qvevri wines & brandy. The brand's founder - Zurab Chkhaidze, had the vision to expand the company and variety of its products to join global wine and spirit industries. Therefore, since 2001, we have consistently gained a substantial foothold in Georgian wine market as well as foreign export markets. Consequently, KTW brand distributes its goods in 21 countries in the world, under multiple trademarks, based on varying consumer psychology forms of Europe, USA, Baltic & Central Asian states. Notably, "Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking"​ continues to be the leader in Ukrainian market in brandy sales for 9 consecutive years with our brandy - "Old Kakheti"​.