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11 Regional Wine Associations of the USA

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24/12/2018 Here we list out 11 of the most active Wine & Grapes industry associations across different regions of the USA.

Regional Wine associations & other related organizations play a very important role in the industry. The primary reason for the need & existence of such associations is so they can represent the individual units of the industry in that region, such as grape growers, family-owned vineyards, wineries, etc.

These non-profit bodies act in the interest of all member units by helping them grow & sustain their businesses and at the same time helping them advance by providing funds and extensive research aid.

California Wines:

Logo of California Wines

California’s wonderful year-round weather is a blessing to the state’s grape & wine industry.

The geographical diversity here means that there’s a perfect place to grow nearly every kind of grape. In fact, you’ll find more than 100 varieties across the state. California Wines comprises 6 wine-regions across the state; North Coast, Central Coast, Sierra Foothills, Inland Valleys, Southern California & Far-North California.

California Association of Winegrape Growers:

Logo of California Association of WineGrape Growers

Established more than 40 years ago, as a unified voice for all the wine-grape growers of California rallying for fair prices for the wine grapes & to focus on issues affecting the livelihoods of individual wine-grape growers.

The California Association of WineGrape Growers serves a unique role in the industry by advocating for all California wine-grape growers.

Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance:

Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is a group of Paso Robles Wine Country wineries, vineyards, and related businesses, forming a co-operative marketing alliance. They have been dedicated to the protection & promotion of the Paso Robles Wine Country & the continuous improvement & enhancement of the quality of its wines, vineyards & experiences. The Paso Robles wine region is well known for its heritage varietal Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rhône-style wines.

New York Wine & Grape Foundation: 

New York Wine and Grape Foundation

New York ranks third in grape production by volume after California and Washington. Eighty-three percent of New York's grape area is Vitis labrusca varieties. The rest is split almost equally between Vitis vinifera and French hybrids. New York is home to a group of over 1600 family-owned vineyards, more than 400 wineries, millions of dollars in state & local taxes. The New York grape, grape juice & wine industry roughly generates about $5 billion annually in economic benefits for the New York state. The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is responsible for the growth of this sector.

Oregon Winegrowers Association:

Oregon Wine Growers Association

The Oregon Winegrowers Association is a state-wide organization that speaks on behalf of the Oregon vineyards & wineries to the decision makers in Salem & Washington DC. The OWA provides legal & economic solutions to its members and is funded through voluntary membership dues.

Washington Wine Growers Association:

Washington Wine Growers Association

Creating an environment that empowers businesses & the industry is what the Washington Wine Growers Association is all about. It provides industry education to its members, helps in creating and maintaining connectivity within the industry and advocates on behalf of its members. They also organize conventions, trade shows and seminars concerning the major issues faced by members.

Napa Valley Vintners:

Napa Valley Vintners

Although Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most widely planted, the Napa Valley holds many surprises for wine lovers looking for non-traditional grape varieties. From Albariño to Zinfandel, more than three dozen different wine grape varieties flourish in the Napa Valley. The Napa Valley Vintners is a non-profit trade association, inspiring its members to consistently produce wines of superior quality as well as providing environmental leadership by caring for their home, the Napa Valley.

Washington State Wine:

Logo of Washington State Wine CommissionThe Washington State Wine Commission aims to raise awareness & demand for Washington State Wine through marketing & educational activities. They support viticulture & oenology research on behalf of the Washington wineries & grape growers in order to drive industry growth. Washington Wine is available across 50 states and more than 100 international markets, courtesy of Washington State Wine's relentless efforts.

Virginia Wine:

An embodiment of the classic Virginia spirit, Virginia Wine has associations for wineries, vineyards & other related businesses. They help their members in marketing & research-based activities. Continuous state-wide expansion of the industry is their top priority.

Florida Wine & Grape Growers Association:

Most wines in Florida are made with native grown or indigenous Muscadine grapes, as well as hybrid grapes or exotic and citrus fruit wines, mostly because of Florida’s very warm climate. The Florida Wine & Grape Growers Association provides healthy competition opportunities, establishes connectivity, means of interaction & facilitates resource-sharing among the members. Apart from this, the association also focuses on marketing & research activities.

Winegrowers Association of Georgia:

Wine Growers Association of Georgia

Georgia’s geographical boon results in the production of some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The Viognier & the Merlot are the signature grape varieties grown in this perfect blend of sunshine & mountain-soil. The Winegrowers Association of Georgia is responsible for promoting, marketing & increasing awareness among consumers about the Georgia wines as well as facilitating viticultural research.

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