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5 Factors That Are Keys To Success In On-Premise Market

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07/05/2019 Here are some tips and tricks for you to survive and grow your wine business in the On-Premise market.

Growth is the only constant you should achieve in business and to grow, you'll need to be successful in your current venture of distributing in the on-premise market. So here are 5 factors laid down to help you achieve the success you desire in the on-premise wine market.

1) Product Portfolio:

Don’t make the mistake to pitch the same SKU for by the glass program and in the menu program. For example, develop a 1.5L screw cap magnum of your same wine if you have to so your restaurant customers can make better margins on it. And offer a separate 750ml bottle as well as an option.

2) Account targeting:

Plan your account pitch according to who your account is. Is it a Volume play or a credibility play? You need to be in both. To be in top restaurants in your city will help you in many ways and at the same time to develop a deep relationship with your top accounts will help you with cash flow.


3) Role of your distributor:

Your distributor will have a better relationship with the restaurant accounts. Respect that and discuss with them on how you can help them and their customer make more profit. Once you are done with your launch week, most of the work will need to be done by distributors team. So have a clear strategy with your distributor and work towards it.

4) Promotions and Support:

Design your promotion keeping in mind, how you are helping new foot traffic come to your account, increase sales in their establishment. Invest in wait staff training, wine dinners.

5) Patience:

It takes times to get your wines placed in an on-premise account. You may not even see ROI most of the time. But always remember, if you want to build a brand, you will need on-premise as a part of your mix. Once you build a solid on-premise account base, it will help you with strong repeat orders.

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