Celebrating Women's Journey in the World of Wine

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08/03/2024 Discover the remarkable journeys of women in the wine industry, where struggles have been met with resilience and barriers have been broken with determination.

Raise a glass this International Women's Day to the incredible journeys of women in the wine world. From Ermoni Best's start as a server to Shaina Harding's love for winemaking, and Natalie Coughlin Hall's leap from Olympian to vintner, these women break barriers and inspire us all. Their stories teach us to chase our dreams with courage and determination. 

Ermoni Best: A Sommelier's Journey

Image: ErmoniBest

Ermoni Best's journey into the world of wine began humbly, as a young server navigating her way through college. It was a simple recommendation of a Riesling paired with a spicy shrimp dish that ignited her curiosity and set her on a path of exploration. From high-end steak houses to luxury resorts, Ermoni honed her skills and earned her sommelier certification, all while sharing her knowledge and creating extraordinary experiences for wine enthusiasts. Her story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in pursuing one's dreams.

Shaina Harding: Crafting Wines with Passion

Image: ShainaHarding

For Shaina Harding, winemaking is not just a profession but a labor of love. A graduate of the UC Davis Viticulture & Enology Program, Shaina has been making wine in the Napa Valley since 2008. Despite being a Florida transplant who misses the beach, she has found her home among the vines, where she lovingly guides her wines from grape to bottle. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to excellence shine through in every bottle of Gaderian wine, a testament to her unwavering passion and expertise.

Natalie Coughlin Hall: From Olympic Glory to Winemaking

Image: NatalieCoughlinHall

Natalie Coughlin Hall is a woman of many talents – a 12-time Olympic medalist for USA Swimming, cookbook author, and now, a winemaker. Born and raised just outside Napa Valley, Natalie's love for food and wine has always been a part of her life. As she transitions into the next phase of her career, she has embraced her passion for winemaking, learning the ropes under Shaina's tutelage. Her cookbook "Cook To Thrive" reflects her culinary prowess, and now, she looks forward to pairing her delicious recipes with Gaderian Wine's exquisite offerings, a true embodiment of her journey from Olympic glory to winemaking success.

Ermoni Best, Shaina Harding, Natalie Coughlin Hall, and countless other women who are making their mark in the world of wine remind us that with passion, perseverance, and a dash of creativity, anything is possible. Cheers to their achievements and empowerment!


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