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For Wineries : Contact Less Tasting and Sales In Parking Lot

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19/04/2020 Keep those wine bottles coming by setting up this event at your winery by following Social Distancing.

Apparently, nobody knows when the COVID19 pandemic is going to end. Taking a huge hit from it, the on-premise establishments such as restaurants, bar, clubs etc are now finding ways to keep their sales going. With Direct To Consumer deliveries becoming a trend, Wineries are constantly finding new ways to keep their wines selling during these trying times. 

Here is a different way that wineries can try their hands on. The best part, you don't need much to set up this event,your parking lot will do.

Known as the Contact-Less Tasting Event, here's how you can go about it: 

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1. Set up a Contact-Less tasting and sales event this weekend in your parking lot.

2. Draw marks where and how people should form a line keeping in mind social distancing requirements.

3. What's needed:

a) one table with sanitizer

b) samples bottles and small plastic cups for tastings and dustbin.

c) cases and bottles for purchase with tasting note and price. simple shelf talkers. imagine setting up your retail store. but a self-checkout one. tip one bottle $10, one case $100. 5 cases $400. People prefer quantity right now and they will stack up.

4. Cash bin where they drop the bills. Good faith works. Humanity is real and people are honest. But you can also stand near the money table if you prefer. They call you for payment by card so you don't have to touch their card.

Do let us know how this event went at your winery.