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How to Say “Cheers” in 31 languages

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08/01/2019 We’ve compiled a list of how to say “cheers” in 31 different languages, to guide you in the next country you visit.

Cheers!”, “Here’s to you!”, “Bottom’s up!”, are a few phrases that we generally use to toast our glasses or start a party! And when it comes to traveling overseas, we believe “Cheers!” would be the third most important phrase you need to know after “Please” and “Thank you”.

So, for all you globetrotters, we’ve compiled a list of how to say “cheers” in 31 different languages, pronunciations included. So book your tickets, pour yourself a glass, and start learning, Cheers!

Afrikaans – Gesondheid (Geh-soond-hate)

Albanian – Gëzuar (Geh-zoo-ah)

Arabic – في صحتك (Fi-sih-tik)

Bosnian – Živjeli (Zee-veh-lee)

Bulgarian – Наздраве (Naz-dra-vey)

Chinese (Mandarin) – 干杯 (Gan-bay)

Croatian – Živjeli (Zee-veh-lee)

Czech – Na zdravi (Naz-drah-vee)

Dutch – Proost (Proost)

Estonia – Terviseks

Filipino – Mabuhay (Ma-boo-hay)

Finnish – Kippis (Kipp-iss)

French – Santé (Sahn-tay)

German – Prost (Prost)

Greek – ΥΓΕΙΑ (Yah-mahs)

Hungarian – Egészségedre (Eg-esh ay-ged-ruh)

Icelandic – Skál (Skowl)

Irish (Gaelic) – Sláinte (Slawn-chuh)

Italian – Salute (Sah-loo-tay)

Japanese – 乾杯 (Kan-pi)

Korean – 건배 (Gun-bay)

Norwegian – Skål (Skowl)

Polish – Na zdrowie (Nahz-droh-vee-ay)

Portuguese – Saúde (Sow-ood-uh)

Russian – Будем здоровы (Boo-dem Zdor-oh-vee)

Slovak – Na zdravie (Nahz-droh-vee-ay)

Spanish – Salud (Sah-lood)

Swedish – Skål (Skowl)

Thai – ไชโย (Chon-gow)

Turkish – Şerefe (Sher-if-fay)

Vietnamese – Dô (Djo)

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