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Pitching Your Wine To Mr. Retailer?

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15/12/2020 Here are a few tips on how you can start your pitch by keeping Mr. Retailers objective in mind.

If you or your sales team or your distributor's rep is selling your wine in the market, the last thing you want your sales rep to start the pitch is by saying "we make great quality wines". Here are some suggestions to start the conversation

"Hello...I am so excited to discuss this program with you for this new wine which I personally love. Or let's say you can say, you are going to love the price or this wine and the support we are offering on this"

The point is...We would encourage you to start the pitch by keeping Mr. Retailers' objectives first.

Here are the 10 things you can offer them, in fact, you should especially if it's a new placement.

1. Launch deal. It can be a mixed case at the best price or 1 on 5 case deal if you want the case display.

2. Friday you will go to the store and do the store tasting.

3. When the delivery comes, you will come and make sure you will merchandise the wines. For example, put shelf-talkers if they allow.

4. You will NOT offer this to their next-door wine store for the first month as you want to build the brand with Mr. retailer first.

5. You will make sure you don't run out of supply or mess up the delivery. If you have promised by 10 am Thursday, delivery commitment should be met.

6. You are honest with your customer about what you are selling. For example, you know that they are NOT going to sell that $20 Napa Cab in that area, then what's the point of pitching 5 cases of that? Rather use that store for something they will move.

7. Give them your word and mean that. "When I was selling wine, I meant when I said - don't worry give me a chance, I will move this product for you"- Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network. Remember the ONLY constant here is you and the retailer. Distributors understand that so for them the relationship with the retailer is more important than the relationship with the supplier unless you are Budweiser beer which they need no matter what.

8. Show fresh and accurate samples. Please don't pour the wrong vintage.

9. Show sell sheets and merchandising pictures if you want them to give you 20 case orders and if you need a floor stack. Let them see how nice your cartons look.

10. In summary: spend 80% time on "how you will help them with depletions" and 20% on product quality, who makes it, where it's from etc.

Needless to say, this depends on the buyer to the buyer. The example taken here is a high volume busy buyer who does not have time to taste each new product each rep gets him/her.