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Pour Yourself A Glass Of Some Game of Thrones Wine

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12/04/2019 Thronies! Raise your glasses to luck in the wars to come for the ever-evolving battle amidst the breezy winters

You already know that Game of Thrones is returning to give the audience a much-awaited rush. You also know that Sunday is the perfect night to feel a little more like you’re in the Kings Landing, and of course drinking(if not then you must living in a parallel universe). But why to drink the regular Cab Sauv?

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To please the palate of ardent wine lovers, television network HBO in collaboration with Vintage Wines Estates and Sonoma based winemaker Bob Cabral (who himself is a GoT fan) created a range of official Game of Thrones wines. Bob was challenged to craft wines to match the strength of the characters and the terrain of their kingdoms. He found inspiration from the different houses in the show and used each house’s symbol to create three distinct wines.  The wines were launched in 2017 in three varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Red Blend.  Later Pinot Noir was also added to the collection.  

The Wines 

chardonnay The House of Lannister is represented with a 2016 Chardonnay from the Central Coast and is graced with the Lannister sigil: a golden lion. It consists of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Riesling. Think of hints from apricot, lemon, peach, honey, and spices. Like most Chardonnays, it has a buttery and oaky finish. The wine has a lighter and crisper taste which is not too sweet, not too heavy.  This golden elixir summons up intriguing floral aromas. Pair this Chardonnay with roast chicken and mashed potatoes. Perfect for hot summer days.

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House of Targaryen is celebrated with Cabral’s 2014 Paso Robles Red Blend adorned with the Targaryen’s three-headed dragon. The red blend is comprised of eight red varietals dominated by Syrah, Tempranillo, and Petite Sirah. An aromatic concoction with a ruby-red hue, this red blend reveals flavors of juicy blackberries, cocoa, and black cherry. Strong chewy tannins and acidity provide structure and balance. On the palate, it first hits your tongue with tart fruitiness that gives way to spice. The wine ends in a toasty, vanilla finish. Those who prefer a dry red, this is for you.

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The most expensive (nearly $50) and the boldest of wines, the 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, bears the sigil for House Stark: the dire wolf. Velvety and lush, this rich Cabernet tantalizes with flavors of luscious black currant and whispers of vanilla and cocoa. It is deep purple in color. Its bold characteristics along with a long and intensely pleasurable finish deliver smooth tannins with a touch of cocoa. It pairs nicely with grilled steak, lamb and beef.  This is a slightly heavy wine, something that Tyrian would surely love.


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And lastly, the Pinot Noir which is a new addition and will appeal to connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers as it comes from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, one of the premier regions for Pinot Noir in America. Fans will be delighted to find to new cork designs, with each bottle containing a cork imprinted with either the House Tyrell or House Martell sigil. This is an elegant wine bursting with complex aromas and flavors. Rich and ripe, this balanced Pinot attracts flavors of dark fruits, subtle tones of earthiness and toasted oak. Its silky smooth palate leads to a gratifying finish. Tannins are present and well blended.


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Each wine is a complex and unique blend of flavors worthy of the finest castles in the Seven Kingdoms. Pair these wines with must-see TV.

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