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Relax and Take a Sip of Vibrant Botanical Wines

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29/06/2022 Winemakers are pushing the limits of the winemaking process with botanical wines and aromatizing their wines with everything from lavender to elderflowers!

Wine has been enjoyed by humans for nearly as long as civilization has existed. The first wine that was ever created goes back to around 8000 B.C. when grapes were crushed and fermented in ceramic pots.  With this process, the world's first wine was born. Today winemaking has expanded throughout Asia, Africa, and modern-day Western Europe. But the essential method has remained similar for millennia: crush and ferment grapes in a ceramic vessel.

The ancient Egyptians innovated the process and started adding medicinal herbs and tree resins to make the world's first botanical wines. Today botanical wines are also blended with herbs, spices, flowers, or other aromatic substances. Winemakers in ancient Egypt used terebinth tree resin a source of aromatic elements such as pinene and camphor that worked as antibiotics. Patients were given various types of medicinal herbs dissolved in strong wine by Greek and Roman doctors. Alcohol is a potent solvent, which means it may extract valuable substances from natural sources. They were ahead of their time!  

Winemakers came to see herbal wines as more than just medicine as time progressed. Few winegrowers due to difficult weather and short growing seasons started experimenting by harvesting wild dandelions, mashing them for juice, and adding them to fermenting grapes to expand their hard-earned grape harvests every year. It resulted in the popular botanical dandelion wine.

When dandelions are raw, they taste bitter but when they are fermented, the bitterness fades and is replaced by a delicate brightness and floral that complements white wine. Locally, the Irish began selling dandelion wine, and when wine manufacturers transported it to the rest of Europe, it quickly became one of the region's most widely consumed beverages.


Image Source- Bolixir

Modern Botanicals

Herbal wine was becoming a lost craft. Botanical vintners were becoming rare and their wines were becoming more difficult to get. But times are changing and now many wineries have started making flavorful botanical wines. 

Many consumers, particularly Millennials, are prioritizing wellness and moderation in their purchase decisions. These botanical wines offer reassurance and shelf appeal with clean, pure components that do not compromise on taste. The products are frequently presented in packaging that illustrates their botanical, natural components, compared to the wide range of brightly colored, artificial flavor-laden items usually marketed to the consumers.

Botanicals attract customers who may not be familiar with or care about other components of wine production, such as distillation. The wine's connection with low- and no-alcohol drinks allows them to reach out to a consumer base that values moderation and well-being, particularly when it comes to botanicals with functional benefits. Sustainable sourcing, such as utilizing components that will otherwise go to waste, can also help wineries connect with customers who want items that are not just good for them, but also good for the environment.

Dry Farm Wines

Today one of the pioneers in botanical wines is Dry Farm Wines. They are one of the world's largest buyers and suppliers of pure natural wine and launched the botanical-infused Natural Wine brand, bolixir. They follow rigorous standards to maintain the quality of their pure wines. Every wine goes through a rigorous vetting process. Their natural wines' journey starts with a healthy farm and finishes with a bright sip. The pure Natural Wines reflect a fully distinct wine experience, from biodiverse vineyards to antioxidant-rich grapes.

As consumers have very less idea what's in their bottles because it is not necessary for the wineries to reveal the additives they use, how they farm or even the exact alcohol concentration on the label. Dry Farm Wines take matters into its own hands and issue its own Dry Farm Wines Certification. Their standards are divided into three categories: farming, purity, and flavor.

The limited-edition collection includes four pure Natural Wines infused with wild, functional botanicals for a unique flavor experience:

Dandelion White

Image Source- Bolixir

1. Dandelion White- It is a natural white wine combined with organic mint, dandelion, nettle, and hops

ABV- 7.6%

Food Pairing- You can enjoy this refreshing natural wine with crunchy crudite drizzled with olive oil and sea salt on a late afternoon picnic or on a lazy afternoon with your friends. 

Lavender Red

Image Source- Bolixir

2. Lavender Red- It is a natural red wine with organic lavender, rose, and nettle.

ABV- 7.8%

Food Pairing- This natural red wine can be the best remedy for a tiring day. Get some nettle soup with freshly grated parmesan, set a candle-lit buddle bath, and enjoy a glass of your natural wine. 

Elderflower Bubbles

Image Source- Bolixir

3. Elderflower Bubbles- It is a natural sparkling white wine infused with organic elderflower. 

ABV- 8.1%

Food Pairing- You can relish your natural sparkling white wine with some delicious oysters. 

Rose Blossom Bubbles

Image Source- Bolixir

4. Rose Blossom Bubbles- A Natural sparkling rosé with organic rose blossom.

ABV- 8.1%

Food Pairing- Enjoy your rose blossom bubbles with some hand-picked strawberries or a brunch buffet. 

In an interview with Wine Industry Network Advisor, Todd White, Founder, Dry Farm Wines & bolixir said “As someone who cares deeply about the health of my body & mind, and the health of the planet, I am so grateful to share bolixir with the world. There has never been a drink quite as revolutionary as this”.

Bolixir is a perfect choice for daytime or evening drinking that caters to every mood and situation like picnics with friends, a quiet nightcap, or even as a complement to a special dinner. It is possible due to its lower alcohol levels than most wine-based products, at 6-9 percent ABV.


Dry Farm Wines, founded in 2015 by Todd White, is the world's largest buyer and distributor of pure Natural Wine, sourcing entirely from small, family-owned, and organic vineyards around Europe, South Africa, and South America.

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Written byAparna Dutta, Beverage Trade Network

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