Top Wine Influencers in Houston

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27/08/2020 With unmatched diversity and passionate professionals, here is a list of top wine influencers that have a good loyal following on Social media.

People believe in Houston’s culinary scene in second to none. With unmatched diversity and passionate professionals, Houston’s scene may still be emerging on the national stage but, the local beverage professionals, know H – town’s unique F&B culture is ready to take off.

These are the new critics. Find the influencer that has got the attention of your customer demographic and you have a chance. That’s our no # 1 marketing tip for wineries to double down on. Here is a list of top wine influencers that have a good loyal following on Social media.

Drew Hendricks

For nearly two decades, Drew Hendricks has been at the forefront of wine and spirits sales and education. His open nature and passionate drive for excellence is without equal. Time and again, he has demonstrated that he is one of the world’s best at his craft. Hendricks is currently Director of Business Development – Fine Wine at Republic National Distributing Company in Texas and is one of fewer than 250 individuals in the world to hold the title of Master Sommelier.   

June Rodil

Born in the Philippines and bred in Texas, June Rodil is the kind of professional who combines her deep knowledge of wine with her personal passion for the culinary industry. For Rodil, being a successful sommelier is all about finding that place where emotion and intellect collide.   

David Keck

Before David Keck mastered the art of identifying notes in the wine, he made a career out of musical notes. As a young opera singer and Columbia University student, Keck began waiting tables in order to make ends meet. After graduating in 2004, then studying voice and opera at The Juilliard School, Keck took to Houston to further his education by pursuing a master’s degree in music at Rice University. Meanwhile, Keck was pouring vino at local wine bar Cova. Beginning to fall in love with wine, Keck became a cellar rat and eventually the bar’s sommelier.   

Jack Mason

Jack Mason is one of the youngest master sommeliers and is the MS and Wine Director at Pappa Bros.Steak house in Houston. Jack achieved MS status at the very young age of 27 and he’s one of the youngest to do so. He is one of only 9 esteemed Master Sommeliers currently in the state of Texas and one of 144 Master Sommeliers in the U.S.   

Julie Dalton

Like many students, Julie Dalton waited tables in college, and the savvy scholar soon realized she could earn more money if she knew a thing or two about wine. Dalton is also a Certified Wine Educator through the Society of Wine Educators and is presently in the process of completing her Diploma in Wine and Spirits through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. Dalton represented the Mid-Atlantic region at the National Young Sommelier Competition through the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in 2010, and the Washington, D.C.-area for the Guild of Sommeliers in Champagne after winning the Ruinart Challenge for the Mid-Atlantic in 2012.