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What Are Retail Wine Buyers Looking For?

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06/07/2022 Curious to know what a wine buyer wants? Here we go.

Wine buyer is considered to be a very glamorous job, sipping exotic wine, traveling places and one the best part is the power of choosing wines to offer for a large number of people, which in turn is also the most challenging and responsible part of the job. Here we are looking from the buyer’s point of view to give insights to our fellow sales reps on how they can improvise their skills and plan for their pitch. Here we answer the question, what are retail buyers looking for?


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Ultimately buyers are a tough spot to crack, they are looking to gain more with the lowest possible risk. Anything you put in front of a buyer, you have to make the product shine while not misleading them in any way. Knowledge is imperative and it is something that a buyer looks for while dealing with a sales rep. Most of the buyers already do have the information about the product and the company, what they need is accurate and complete information about the product that you are selling. Well, here we can tell you what the ultimate buyers in the industry are looking for.

~A good way to start is to figure out what your buyer is seeking. Most of the buyers already have some or very little information about your product. What a sales rep needs to do is to question himself; Is this what the buyer wants? Does this fit into the retailer’s market? And then make the second move.

~Do your research. The industry has various outlets to sell and salespeople should be aware of to whom they are selling, they should have a copious amount of knowledge about the product as well as the company they are selling before stepping foot and giving a pitch. 

~Sell and suggest. Buyers would be more interested to listen to someone who can bring something new to the table. Try suggesting some solid plans like offering some information or data about the importers or wholesalers which can reduce their costs. You can put use the information you carry about the company and suggest plans accordingly, making it easy for the buyer to say YES to your pitch.

~Try selling them the story of your company. Buyers want to know the story your company has so they can sell it to their stakeholders. Your story should promise the growth of the buyers company.


~Buyer wants something with minimum risk and more gains, build a pitch which offers them something they want. One of the central aspects they look for is a smooth flow of the inventory, if you provide them something they are benefitted from, it is a done deal.

~Buyers want to work with someone who is the best, showcase your skills! Let them know you can handle their inventory and supply efficiently and smoothly

~Buyers do need sample wines. Make sure the wines you get are approved requests with the required information on the wine label and the required paperwork. 

~A consistent cash flow is something like a treat for the buyer. Having a product which has a proven profit-generating history is what a buyer would want to see. Sharing the data and information will add value to the pitch. Rather than selling the product, display how the product benefits their business. 

~If you are a small company, keep an updated valuation of your company. The buyer wants to see if your company is worth it for them to invest in and what you have to offer them as buyers.

~The price is not the only issue, buyers seek what a company has for them and if they find you worthwhile that is when they will focus on what they can offer you.

~Strategise before you pitch. Plan out what to speak and what you have to offer them as a salesperson. Share a plan and provide useful information which makes the buyer easy to follow up. Sell more than just a bottle of wine, give insights on how you could help their brand grow and bring value to their business by buying your product. Close the deal.

The perspective changes from buyer to buyer but we have listed some points that can definitely help a sales rep to crack some deals. Take these points on board and note what changes you see while dealing.

Article by Durvank Naik, Beverage Trade Network

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