Wineries Can Drive Sales With Web Directories

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15/05/2020 Wondering on why to spend time and energy and register onto web directories? Here's why.

For the longest times, directories and listings have been overlooked by wineries, but have been the ultimate source of help for consumers. These days, whenever someone wants to buy a wine, the first thing they do is scour the internet and look for the perfect match that fits all their needs and wants. A lot of times, customers do this through online directories and websites that already have listings up on them. For example, if someone is looking for a winery that delivers to their place, they’ll simply log onto a platform like Get Drinks Delivered, or Drizly, and find out who is delivering to them. It’s become as simple as that.

Right now, due to the pandemic, we have in hand, most wineries and wine brands have switched up their services to offering deliveries and pick-ups. However, the one problem they are facing is the amount of visibility and awareness they need to boost their services and drive sales. However, there is a one-stop solution for this - web directories. Think of web directories as the modern day’s yellow pages - a place where all consumers go-to for whatever they are looking for.

You might be wondering, why to spend time and energy and register onto web directories? Well, web directories are a great way to drive your sales, and here’s why.

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1. They help in increasing visibility and awareness

Web directories are a great way to help increase your winery’s visibility and awareness. These days, everything boils down to exactly that. Social media is a great place to gain visibility, however, is it enough? With web directories, a winery can gain the ultimate visibility as the amount of users on web directories end up being in hundreds of thousands. So where you’re spending so much time and money in polishing up your social platforms, you might as well sign up for an online directory that will help in bringing visibility to your wines.

2. Gaining a new consumer base

When you’re listed on a web directory, not only are you visible to your existing customers, but you also have a large scope of pulling in new customers. Think about it this way, you have a $7 bottle of Malbec, and a customer logs onto lets say Drizly or Wine-searcher, looking for a cheap Malbec - when they type their requirements in, your wine is bound to pop up. This way, you will be gaining new eyes and new consumers towards your wines, since your wines are satisfying their requirements.

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3. Keeping track of competitors

Okay, this might not directly drive your sales, but it is definitely a step towards that. In any sort of business, knowing what your competitors are up to is very important, and the wine world is no different. On most web directories, you’ll be able to see who your competitors are, since your wines will be put beside those that are similar. Along with that, most directories also show the amount of other wines that are sold, and this way, you will be able to see how much your competitors are selling, compared to how much you’re selling. With this information, you can scale your business and rework your strategies to help in driving your sales.

4. You will appear on different screens

You know, every web directory has a ‘recommended for you’ tab, where they show customers wines similar to the ones they are purchasing. Similarly, if someone is buying a wine which is similar to yours, or someone searches for something similar to your product, then you will appear on their screen. Not only will this help you in gaining new customers and increase your visibility, but it will also help in building your ranking up on Google. What this means is that for example, if your Google rank is high, and someone searches up $7 red wines, then there’s a high chance that your website/wine will appear. But of course, that will happen over a period of time.

I’m delivering and offering pick-up, what would be a good web directory to register with?

If you’re looking for a web directory to show customers your services along with your products, then Get Drinks Delivered should be your ultimate choice. Get Drinks Delivered (GDD) is a simple solution for drinks industry suppliers to get back on their feet and make the most out of their delivery and pick-up services. The goal of Get Drinks Delivered is to help wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, and bottle shops up their DTC game. Direct to consumer has become the new normal right now, and it is going to continue moving in that spectrum - so for the drinks industry, it’s important to find a simple and long lasting solution which will help with their DTC sales. A main aim for the platform is also to help increase consumer awareness on their delivery and pick-up services during such unprecedented times.

For the end consumer, Get Drinks Delivered is a solid way to find out who is delivering to their area, and who is offering pick-up. Right now, with the unprecedented situation in hand, customers want to minimize their moving out and are vigorously following social distancing protocols, therefore always looking for easier ways to stock up wines, beers, and spirits. According to surveys taken by Neilsen and The Office of National Statistics (UK), alcohol sales in both these areas have increased during the crisis. Of course, people are still drinking, and stocking up. For consumers, easy access is what they are looking for, and Get Drinks Delivered offers them exactly that. With just a click of a button, customers can see who is delivering, what they’re delivering, who is offering pick-up, and other services that drinks businesses might be offering. And for wineries, it’s as easy as that. They get orders directly through the platform.

Benefits of Get Drinks Delivered

●New orders for delivery

●No commission, or mark up on your orders.

●Awareness about your business in your local neighborhood.

●Access to an extended customer base of

●Platform to create blog postings about your business allowing you to create brand equity.

●Customer data, you keep them and build new customers that you can turn into repeat customers.

●Pivot for the long term and open a new channel to add customers.

●Opportunity to focus On Drinks Consumers.

●Customers will know you deliver which will result in repeat orders for the long term.

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