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Why Master Sommelier Andy Myers Endorses Really Good Boxed Wine

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28/07/2022 Master Sommelier Andy Myers talks about the changes in the boxed wine category and why it's here to stay.

Master sommelier Andy Myers is the first sommelier to endorse and affiliate his name with boxed wine. Founded by former Proctor & Gamble consumer products manager Jake Whitman, Really Good Boxed Wine is a new direct-to-consumer wine brand elevating the quality of boxed wines. Myers first found his love of wine while working at the three Michelin Star The Inn at Little Washington and never looked back, later spending almost a decade as the beverage director for Chef José Andrés ThinkFoodGroup. We spoke to him about the changes in the boxed wine category and why it's here to stay.

Tell us how you came to be involved with Really Good Boxed Wine?

I was super fortunate to have a good friend working with Jake and the Really Good Boxed Wine team. She mentioned the project to me, and the more we talked, the more excited I became about the project. When she introduced me to Jake, it was like talking to an old friend. We just clicked on so many levels that it felt quite natural to keep the conversation going.

You are the first Master Sommelier to be associated with and endorse a boxed wine. What makes Really Good Boxed Wine really good?

The clarity of concept is a huge part of what I love about the wines. Single estate, single varietal, single vintage. The bulk of the boxed wine industry goes for quantity over quality. Jake keeps his focus where it belongs; on the wines, and that is what shows through. Last month's release was a 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from a Certified Sustainable in Practice (SIP) vineyard in Paso Robles. This is the brand's first broadly available release after two successful limited releases of a 2020 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, selling out in days. The box is either a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.

How do you think consumers’ perceptions have changed toward boxed wine?

Wine has become significantly less snooty in the last ten years, and wine has become much more ubiquitous in the American experience. When it used to be pretty rare or a special occasion, I now see people gravitating to a more European attitude of wine being a part of daily life. Boxed wine makes drinking good wine on the regular an effortless experience. As such, I think more and more people have, and will, embrace it.

People's drinking habits changed because of the pandemic, with more boxed wine being consumed than ever before. Do you see this as a passing trend or a category that will continue to grow?

This will grow. Because wine has become more of an everyday experience for Americans, and RGBW has set a standard for premium boxed wine, I think you will see this category growing exponentially.

Are there any advantages to boxed wine? 

Absolutely. Every box of wine keeps four bottles out of the recycle bin (or, let's be honest, the trash bin more often than not). They are also lighter and require far fewer fossil fuels to transport. In addition, 97% of today's wine is not produced to be aged for more than a year, making environmental sense to create better packaging without inhibiting the drinking experience. All of that is awesome.

Are you someone who pays attention to trends in the wine world? What is a trend you feel really positive about? Conversely, what is a trend you think should die? 

Only a bit…I like the trend of a more casual approach to wine and the idea of wine being part of daily life. However, I still think orange wine needs to die.

Is there a wine region you are favoring at the moment?

I'm back on a Grower Champagne kick these days. Just been missing bubbles, so it made sense to revisit some old favorites like Aubry, H. Billiot, and Paul Bara.

Words of wisdom to a young sommelier entering the wine world in 2022.

Stay humble. This is not, never has been, and never will be about us. We are here to guide and encourage. Help those coming up behind you and love those you care for.

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Article by Colleen Thompson, Editor + Writer

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