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ANIMA WINE - Wines from Slovenia

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27/10/2020 ANIMA WINE won at the Sommeliers Choice Awards - Special Feature on Los Angeles Drinks Guide

ANIMA WINE have decided to share the personal joy of nurturing wine with you as well. We orient to a boutique offering. We offer series with a small number of bottles, up to 2000 bottles of individual species or varieties. We currently offer: sparkling wine zelen 2019, zelen 2018, malvasia 2019, ribolla 2019, Welschriesling 2019, Ivan blanc 2019, Ivan noir 2018, and sparkling wine pet-nat. All wines are dry.

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Our brand also has a permit to buy grapes and so we try to select grapes in the Vipava Valley. We also have some permanent winegrowers, who we are redirecting to organic dynamic vine cultivation, so we will soon have a BIO certificate. Even now, working in a vineyard and cultivating wine is conditioned by completely natural processes.

ZELEN 2018 and  IVAN NOIR both got 89 points, a silver medal at the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

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