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Domaine Wardy: an Award-Winning Lebanese Winery

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07/01/2021 Domaine Wardy won at the Sommeliers Choice Awards - Special Feature on Los Angeles Drinks Guide

As Wardy's, they acquired their surname from their great-great-grandmother Wardy Mousallem (Wardy meaning rose in Arabic) who, left a young widow and a single mother after her husband was killed, came into her own and assumed the role of matriarch to the family so much so that her children became referred to as Wardy’s children, the house became Wardy’s house, the vineyard Wardy’s vineyard… the family became the Wardy rather than the Mousallem family. She was an extraordinary woman. An artisanal rose will feature in her honor on all their labels (starting with the wines labeled after 2018).

Whereas the Wardys made wine and arak, like most Lebanese homes at the time, for domestic consumption it was the Cortases who made a commercial business out of fermentation and distillation.

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The Wardys are very proud to champion their indigenous white grape Obeidi, a sweet, golden-colored, late-ripening but difficult to handle variety traditionally used for distillation, and very pleased to win two silver medals at the Sommeliers Choice Awards for its two incarnations.

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