Early Bird Offers Ends On January 31st

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If you are a winery with great potential to make it to some of the renowned wine lists, you should be a part of the 2022 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

If your wines have the potential to offer great quality, value, and packaging, it is about time that they should be visible and hold a good position in the market. It takes years for Wine Producers and Wineries to get on a wine list of a renowned restaurant or be chosen by consumers in the first go. They try to reach out to big distributors to become visible in the market. With an enormous number of wine labels coming up today, it becomes difficult to be noticed in the market. All wines deserve to be tasted and acknowledged on an unbiased platform. The Sommeliers Choice Awards is one such platform that allows your wines to be acknowledged by industry professionals.

The Food Parability (F) + Typicity (T) + Quality (Q) + Value Score (V) + Package (P) make up the Final Score for the Sommeliers Choice Awards. The scores are measured in 3 Steps where the 1st Step is Blind Tasting where the quality, food parability, and typicity are evaluated, 2nd Step involves the Packaging and Value score evaluation, and the 3rd Step involves the overall evaluation of the total scores. Judges will also mark ‘By The Glass’ if they think the wine is a good fit for By The Glass.


Medals awarded at the Sommelier Choice Awards

Based on these scores, Four Medals are awarded at the Sommeliers Choice Awards. On a scale of 70 - 100, wines that score 96 and above win a Double Gold Medal, wines scoring 90-95 points win the Gold Medal, wines scoring 80-89 points win the Silver Medal, and wines scoring 70-75 points win the Bronze Medal. 

Not just the medals but you can also submit your wines under the different award criteria like Wine of the Year, White Wine of the Year, Red Wine of the Year, Sparkling Wine of the Year, Rosé Wine of the Year, Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass), White Wine of the Year - BTG, Red Wine of the Year - BTG, Sparkling Wine of the Year - BTG, Rosé Wine of the Year - BTG, Wine of the Year (By Country), and Wine of the Year (By Varietal).

Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr. Loosen 2019 Eroica Riesling was awarded as the 2021 Wine of the Year at the Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Wine Producers can definitely benefit from a Sommeliers Choice Award as well as the Early Bird pricing. An early bird discount gives you access to all these potential winning and entry benefits at a discounted price. The pricing to enter costs $120 per wine, but with the early bird discount, you can register at $90 per wine. If your winery has 4 to 9 entries, you can earn a 10% discount, 10 to 14 entries get a 15% discount, and 15 or more entries get a 20% discount. The last date to avail Early Bird offer is 31st January 2022 and the registrations close on 20th April 2022. Register Your Wines Here.

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Wine entries at the Sommeliers Choice Awards 2021

Key Dates

Early Bird Offer - Ends on January 31, 2022

Warehouse Closes - April 24, 2022

Judging Day - May 16, 2022

Winners Announced - May 31, 2022


Early Bird Pricing - $90 per wine (ends January 31, 2022)

Regular Pricing - $120 per wine (February 1, 2022, to April 20, 2022)

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The 2024 Sommeliers Choice Awards results are out! View the results here.