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[ess·eff] wines - Made in San Francisco, California

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22/10/2020 [ess·eff] wines won at the Sommeliers Choice Awards - Special Feature on Los Angeles Drinks Guide

[ess·eff] wines is a San Francisco based producer of Sonoma and Amador County sourced varietals using a distinct winemaking style that delivers food-friendly, approachable wines that also age well. Since 2012, we've been handcrafting wines that are truly [ess·eff] wines, dedicated to the spirit of San Francisco.

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The Story

In 2012, four friends decided to explore the world of winemaking after living in The City. What started off as a side hobby quickly turned into a passion project in winemaking and a future business venture...

The winery makes award-winning wines and recommends the below wines to try that recently won at the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

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