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Lidl champions at the 2021 Sommeliers Choice Awards

Photo for: Lidl champions at the 2021 Sommeliers Choice Awards

10/07/2021 Discover Lidl’s world of award-winning wines, and you might find your next favorite wine there! Special feature on San Francisco Drinks Guide.

Retail chain Lidl took a total of 47 medals for its private label wines at the 2021 Sommeliers Choice Awards. Most of Lidl’s award-winning wines are priced under $10, proudly proving that good quality wines don’t always have to be ones with a large price tag. 

Over the past few years, many of us have stepped out of our comfort zone and started exploring wines from lesser-known areas or varietals we are not entirely familiar with. This has led to many realizing that good quality and high prices don’t always go hand in hand.

In fact, private label wines have built quite a reputation for themselves, with their lower price points and high quality pours; Lidl being a case in point. Restaurants and retailers have successfully built their own private label brands - with many seeing a surge in demand for the same.

Out of the 47 medals procured by Lidl, 3 were gold medal winners, namely Dundalgan Irish Country Cream, Rosecreek Riesling Washington, and Allini Asti Spumante DOCG. 

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