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Meet The 2019 White Wine Of The Year

ARMAND Riesling Cabinet took home five awards at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Winery Reichsrat von Buhl’s 2016 vintage Armand Riesling Cabinet triumphed at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards and took home five titles, namely, “White Wine of the Year”, “White Wine of the Year by the Glass”, “Wine of the Year By the Glass”, “Wine of the Year By Country (Germany)” and “Wine of The Year By Varietal”.

With an ABV of 8%, you can expect exotic notes with a spicy finish from this vintage. The sweetness is perfectly countered by the invigorating acidity.

Founded in 1849, the winery Reichsrat von Buhl has been family-owned for more than 150 years and belongs to the circle of the most renowned wineries in Germany. Since the beginning, Reichsrat von Buhl has stood for a terroir-embossed, timeless style that has never been fashion-oriented but has always been proud of the origin of its grapes from the best Deidesheimer and Forster vineyards. The winery is a certified organic farm active ambassador of natural, sustainable viticulture and best German wines.

Sommeliers Choice Awards, organized by Beverage Trade Network aims to provide on-premise buyers and sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list. The judging panel consisted entirely of top sommeliers, on-premise wine buyers, and wine directors at U.S. restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs. The wines were judged by Food Parability, Typicity, Value, Quality, and Package.


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