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22/04/2020 If you're a front-line on-premise professional whose job was put at risk due to COVID-19, we can help you reach new potential employers starting today!

Beverage Trade Network and Sommeliers Choice Awards have taken this initiative to help sommeliers and wine directors and other front-line staff whose jobs are at risk due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and who have been laid off due to the restaurant industry suffering.

It sometimes feels unfair to see our esteemed colleagues struggling through such hardships, however, such is life. This is not a time to be discouraged though. This is a time to show our solidarity and unity and help our fellow community in getting back up on their feet and make it through these tough times stronger than before.

Not long after the crisis began spreading, the entire restaurant world went into shut down mode and sadly, thousands of our sommelier friends and colleagues are now unemployed. They are at home, struggling to make ends meet and hoping that they have a job to return to when this crisis is behind us.  While everyone in the restaurant business is hurting, the sommeliers are often the first to be laid off and the last to be rehired.

If you know of sommeliers in critical financial need, please direct them to our website.

If you're a sommelier or wine director or an on-premise wine industry professional whose job is at risk or is lost due to the ongoing situation, you can benefit by this free feature and reach new potential employers.

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Our objective here is to continue supporting the on-premise community in any way possible, so if you're facing a challenge in your profession, please don't hesitate to contact us!

These are skilled professionals with a background of service in the hospitality sector and experience in dealing with wine clients. We understand that the on-premise sector is not hiring, but these professionals are also suited for off-trade requirements.

What will Sommeliers Choice Awards and Beverage Trade Network do:

► Once we get your profile, we will add it to our daily update on COVID-19 running blog which is distributed daily.

► Dedicated blog post on Sommelier jobs at risk due to COVID-19 and now looking for new jobs on our website as well as

► Social Media support for sommeliers looking for new jobs.

► We will distribute your job role and needs to distributors and importers and retailers also for opportunities in the off-trade.

► Daily push via Instagram and Facebook stories.

If you're a sommelier or wine director or an on-premise wine industry professional whose job is at risk or is lost due to the ongoing situation, you can benefit by this free feature and reach new potential employers.

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Sommeliers and Other Restaurant Industry Professionals Available For Other Work:

1. Brian Kulich Brian Kulich

Beverage Director, Omakase Restaurant Group

"Advanced Sommelier CMS
BA in English from San Diego State University
Graduated high school with honors (California Scholarship Federation)
Beverage Director at Omakase Restaurant Group (9 locations with an additional two in Tokyo)
Sommelier at Archer Hotel for the Charlie Palmer Group (4 wine programs on property)
Senior Captain at The Restaurant at Meadowood (Three Michelin and Top 100 in the World)"

Contact Brian Via:   Email  

Scotty Moran2. Scotty Moran

Beverage / Service Director, Bluebird London NYC

"Bitten by the “wine bug” in 1993 while serving a dinner of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs hosting Corrine Mentzelopolous from Chateau Margaux. Being tremulously fortunate to have tasted through 10 vintages from 1900 – 1990, Scotty never looked back and committed to steep himself in all things oenophilic. 

Certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers in 1999 he has recently retired his “snowbird Sommelier” spurs and is currently the Beverage / Service Director of Bluebird London in NYC and has been the Wine and Service Director for Goodfellow’s Wine Cellar on Mackinac Island, The Plaza Hotel, SD26, The Muse Hotel / Times Square, the Nantucket Golf Club, Chatham Inn & Wine Bar, Truluck’s Naples and Café’ Kandahar in Whitefish, Montana.

Scotty took part in the inaugural year of the Sommeliers Choice Awards and has been the winner of the Banfi trip as well as the Wine Australia / USA Sommelier Immersion Program trip to Australia and has judged the SOMM Slam Competition three times as well as the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Competition."

Contact Scotty Via: Email

Michael Mighetto Hoefling3. Michael Mighetto Hoefling

Beverage Manager, Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel

"In the wine industry for nearly 10 years, starting from production at Robert Mondavi. Worked worked with Karen MacNeil as she revised the Wine Bible, Managed a tasting room for Chateau Montelena. I received a few certifications, and a few publications. By deciding to become a sommelier, I start at Saison in SF (3 star Michelin), and stayed there for nearly 3 year before working at Lazy Bear as the Head Sommelier. I currently manage a large beverage program spanning several sub-departments. I have been put directly out of work, as well as my wife. We have a toddler and another child on the way in a couple of months and would love all the support we can receive."

Contact Michael Via: Email

Kartik Sharma4. Kartik Sharma

F&B Supervisor, V hotel Curio Collection by Hilton, Dubai

"I am an energetic ,goal driven and self motivated F&B Supervisor and Certified Sommelier WSET Level 3, hotel management graduate and having 10 years of international experience in hospitality industry which includes all day dining,fine dining, banquet, bar with Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and Intercontinental hotels worldwide. Anticipating guest needs and rendering service. Responsible for managing effective customer relationship, ensuring guest loyalty and positive Restaurant image within market. Departmental beverage trainer for the hotel organising F&B trainings for team to maximize revenue. Able to lead the team and restaurant. Act as a guest service role model for restaurant and bar setting up a good example. Checking guest satisfaction during operation and making their experience memorable. Having a great leadership skills . HACCP Person in charge Level 3 Certified hygiene trainer from Johnson Diversey Dubai. It will be an opportunity for me where my learning and skills can be put to use to make things happen in a highly dynamic and challenging environment."

Contact Kartik Via: Email

Gary Russell5. Gary Russell

Wine Steward, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando

"It's amazing how someone's passion can affect, and infect, everyone around them. That's how I came to discover my love for wine, I had been working in restaurant service for 10 years, all the while, hoping that I would discover my passion somewhere outside of a restaurant. But as fortune would have it, in August of 2012 I landed a job at K Restaurant & Wine Bar. While working for corporate restaurants I had always viewed wine sales as a chore, just another "quota" to be met. Working at K forever changed that perception. The head Chef, and owner, Kevin Fonzo has the passion that I mentioned in the introduction of this story. He is one of the most passionate, genuine, loyal, generous, caring professionals that I've ever met, or had the pleasure of working for. He has incredible talent in the kitchen, and even more important to this narrative, loves wine.
Over the course of my first year at K, I started believing that I was capable of so much more in my serving abilities, and in my life. I started looking at ways I could "up my game" when it came to creating an amazing dining experience for our guests. Wine Pairings!! That was it! I started drinking, and studying wine with great enthusiasm. This quote from wine critic Luigi "Gino" Veronelli (1926-2004) pretty much summed it up for how I was feeling. "The flavor of a food almost always reveals the quality of a wine and exalts it. In turn, the quality of a wine complements the pleasure of a food and spiritualizes it.".
Taking the Introductory Sommelier Exam seemed like the logical choice. So, I registered, and passed on Halloween 2014. I began broadening the scope of my studies. A month before I took that exam, Chef Fonzo took a few of us from the restaurant to Napa & Sonoma. I had never been there before, and it really opened my eyes as to what was possible in the world of wine, and my own desires to travel the globe. Wine has filled the gaps in every aspect of the life that I've set out to create. I then passed my Certified Exam in December of 2016, and in September of 2017 landed my dream-job as Sommelier for The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes. In June of 2018 I attended the Advanced Course in Dallas. 2018 has been the most wonderful and explosive year of my life. I have begun studying French. I went to Pinot Camp in the Willamette Valley, the Pinot Not Forum in the Russian River Valley, W2U in Walla Walla, Mission SB in Santa Barbara and Paso Wine S'cool in Paso Robles.. all inside of five months!! What an awesome ride. Considering I didn't even drink wine seven years ago, this has been an unexpected miracle and one hell of a ride. What's now possible is becoming a Master Sommelier, working as a wine consultant, traveling the world and aspiring to be the Wine Director for Marriott International Luxury Brands (MILUX). La vie est belle!"

Contact Gary Via: Email

Diana Offutt6. Dianna Offutt

Sommelier, Watergrill Dallas, Kings seafood

"More to come"


Contact Dianna Via: Email

Sudhip Subrahmanian7. Sudhip Subrahmanian

Sommelier, The Abudhabi Edition Hotel and Residences

"Wine sommelier of The Abudhabi Edition."


Contact Sudhip Via: Email

Magdala Francilion8. Magdala Francillon

Beverage Director, City Winery DC

"Accomplished Beverage (Wine and Liquor) professional with experience in sales, front-of-house and event
hosting/planning. Extensive connection driving new business development within the wine and spirits
industry, leading and managing teams in a restaurant as beverage director and planning/running events for
large groups. Innovative professional with a demonstrated ability to generate revenue growth and ensure
client retention and satisfaction. WSET Level 2 certified and attempting to complete Level 3 in 2020."

Contact Magdala Via: Email

Olivier Flosse9. Olivier Flosse

Beverage director, Bouley at Home

"Born and raised in Marseille, France, Olivier Flosse started his training at a young age, earning the coveted Diploma-Universitaire d’Aptitude à la Degustation à Bordeaux, the most prestigious wine diploma in Europe. In traditional European fashion, Flosse worked first as an apprentice, often clocking 12-hour days, but his dedication paid off. Flosse first came to New York in 1999 after being hired as the assistant to the talented Jean-Luc Le Du at Restaurant Daniel. Flosse was later wine director and sommelier at sister restaurant Café Boulud, where he oversaw a cellar of 10,000 bottles.
13 years as Beverage Director for the Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation (MARC) US, Flosse offers a wealth of experience learned in France, the United Kingdom, and New York City. In this position, he is responsible for A Voce’s Grand award-winning from the Wine Spectator in 2012, as well the growth of the already impressive wine program at MARC’s Morello Bistro, in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Boston’s Bistro du Midi. In addition to training the restaurants’ floor staff and overseeing wine and spirit purchasing, Flosse also will manage the development of wine programs at future MARC restaurants in the United States.
Olivier moved for over two years as Beverage Director for Quality Branded group and oversee all purchase for 14 restaurants, over 6 million of wine purchase, 21 millions wine sale, reformat all the wine list, and rebuild all the wine training.
David Bouley and Olivier have been working closely for the last 10 months and already built up some of the most incredible wine education and wine dinner for their guests."

Check out his CV here!

Contact Olivier Via: Email

Jennifer Leslie10. Jennifer Leslie

National Sales Manager, Eden Rift

"Most recently working for a winery as their national sales manager, previous on the floor and sales experience includes selling wine online at, Quince Restaurant SF, Wine Consultant for a catering company, Sommelier at Mark Bright's Les Clos in SF, and sales rep for Skurnik and Chambers & Chambers in CA. WSET Level 3 and advanced candidate in CMS. BA from Tulane University."

Check out her CV here!

Contact Jennifer Via: Email

Doug Corson11. Doug Corson

Sales Associate, Casey's

"Certificate for Sommelier, CSS, Cicerone"


Contact Doug Via: Email

Elena Serban12. Elena Serban

Head Sommelier, Heritage Restaurant

"Head Sommelier
Heritage Restaurant Soho, 18-20 Rupert Street W1D 6DE
Oversee all wine/spirits purchases and cost management.
I develop an training program for all restaurant staff, 21 members to improve their knowledge of wine tasting and wine service - maximise their understanding of wine specific to their departments and proper service techniques including glassware, pour levels, storage, beverage pairings and the ability to understand guest preferences.
Developed and maintain all beverage lists to be accurate, up to date and free of errors.
Set up Tevalis System, Acquisition of all department equipment (fridges, glassware, tools for pouring and preservation system)
In house printed beverage lists, perfect command of InDesign Illustration program in editing menus.
05/2016 to 05/2019
Senior Sommelier
Hakkasan Mayfair 17 Bruton Street London W1J 6QB
Create a wine experience by advising guests on wine and after dinner drinks choices while serving them with accuracy and flair
Encourage junior and sommeliers to develop their wine knowledge further through regular training sessions - in charge of the FOH weekly wine training
Assist the Head Sommelier in creating, maintaining and developing all wine stocks, wine sales and wine list."

Contact Elena Via: Email

Zaloren Gonzalez Fontes13. Zaloren Gonzalez Fontes

Consultant, Mezcal

"My trajectory in the World of flavors starts at a very early age having grown up in a household full of spice and the curiosity of Worldly textures and savour.
When in cheffing school the curiosity of my palate led me to taste mezcal. It’s complexity captured my senses and I started to do all my project surrounding it. This was before the mezcal industry existed as such. I starter to learn the value of the land and of the plant from those that know it best, the producers. I learned about the magic of wild yeast fermentation going from town to town, capturing the difference in each maker, and finally staying up to live the capturing of essences during the distillation process.
Ever since a I have educated my self in order to understand more, that lead me to take the Master Tequilier corsa, be part of the creative team for the master mezcalier and taking the CSS in Canada.
I have been one of the pioneers creating the category and I have done so by creating pairings with mezcal, and other distilled spirits, with some of the best restaurants in the World teaching differences in production and flavor in Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Spain.
My curiosity also led me to the Okanagan in Canada, where I lived over a year. Understanding more about wine that I ever though possible. The techniques of the World in one region, with different terroires
and an astonishing mixture in grapes.
I have worked as a consultant for brands, distributors, mentor and creating unique experiences for costumers in restaurants.
Wine, beer, spirits. They all have a place and moment in the table, the simplicity and complexity of each Cándida bring a unique experience to those that have te curiosity to experiment with each and every sense.
I love my World of glamour. But most of all I love sharing and experience it with others. "

Contact Zaloren Via: Email

Samantha McCrimmon14. Samantha McCrimmon

Wine Programme Manager/Sommelier, White Lodging/Brush Creek Ranch Collection

"Samantha’s journey into the world of wine began during her tenure at The Carlyle Hotel in New York City. She was encouraged by the Director of Food and Beverage as well as her manager to follow through with her passion. After she completed Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Wine School at the iconic One World Trade Center, she cemented her passion for wine, cuisine and culture. Samantha continued her studies through International Wine Center, Sommelier Society and then WSET. With her wine education and enduring relationships cultivated through the wholesale industry, Samantha developed wine programmes and sales training classes for several restaurants in New York City. She was hired by Plein Sud (Thompson Hotel), The Crown Group (Wine Spectator Award of Excellence) then Hotel Hugo to direct their wine programmes. An opportunity to blend her love of wine, gracious service and the outdoors presented itself to revitalise the wine programme (which in the past received the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence) and to lead their talented associates at Topnotch Resort and Spa in the quintessential New England town of Stowe, VT. Samantha now resides at The Brush Creek Ranch Collection, which is an all-inclusive luxury ranch resort that has earned the highly prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Hotel. Responsible for the highly dynamic inclusive wine list and for the menu creation and sourcing of the esteemed reserve list exclusively at The Lodge and Spa. This includes designing the bespoke private wine tasting classes, creating planned and impromptu wine pairing dinners and the oversight of the staff wine training and service. Samantha continues to spend her off-time travelling to auctions, private sales, consulting with small establishments on their wine programmes including menu development, purchases, storage, inventory, service training whilst pursuing a new passion, attaining the Cicerone Certification."

Contact Samantha Via: Email


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