Top Sommelier Scott Barber Joins Sommeliers Choice Awards Judging Panel

Photo for: Top Sommelier Scott Barber Joins Sommeliers Choice Awards Judging Panel

07/03/2023 Top wine expert and sommelier of the USA, Scott Barber joins the judging panel of the 2023 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

“I love connecting people with exciting new wines! I specialize in finding the right tone for whatever level of wine drinker I'm speaking with from novice consumers to top-level sommeliers. I passed the Master Sommelier exam in the renowned Class of 2018. I have developed and executed education programs based on Napa Valley terroir and blind tasting at Meadowood, Napa's top wine resort.” Master Sommelier Scott Barber.

Scott currently represents boutique producers in Napa, Sonoma, and Europe at the distributor level, building brands and increasing sales. He has regularly traveled nationwide to teach seminars and support teams of distribution sales representatives. 

He has significant experience building excursions in Napa and Sonoma with a focus on highlighting the effect of location on wines. In his spare time, he mentors sommeliers preparing for Court of Master Sommelier exams at all levels. His time working with top chefs in 5-star establishments (Stephan Pyles, Thomas Keller, John Tesar) has instilled a strong desire to provide service at the highest level. He is capable of managing all aspects of a top-flight profitable wine program. 

His close ties with many great winemakers and importers throughout the world have allowed him to direct several wineries into the Texas and California markets.


The judging panel of the Sommeliers Choice Awards consists entirely of master sommeliers, top sommeliers, wine directors, and on-premise buyers at U.S. restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs.

Winning a medal or an award at the Sommeliers Choice Awards can indeed act as a powerful marketing tool and selling point for wine brands. It provides a point of differentiation from other brands and can help to increase visibility and credibility in the market.

Some of the top trade benefits that brands will get from the 2023 wine competition are listed here. Get your wines in front of Sommeliers, Wine Directors, and On-Premise Buyers in the USA. The international submission deadline is March 24.

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