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Vina Valdivieso-The First Sparkling Wine House in America

Photo for: Vina Valdivieso-The First Sparkling Wine House in America

04/10/2020 Chile's Wine Of The Year goes to Caballo Loco Grand Cru Maipo by Vina Valdivieso.

Image: Linkedin/ Vina Valdivieso

Founded in 1879. Family vineyard (three generations involved directly in the business). Still & sparkling wine producers. Still wines one of Chile’s top ten recognized and prestigious brands. Sparkling wine first producer in America, currently the second biggest exporter from Chile, 70 % of the market shares in Chile).

Valdivieso Winery Markets  Distribution to more than 60 countries in America, Asia, and Europe. Main markets: United Kingdom (top 10 Chilean exporter) Holland (top 8 Chilean exporter) Japan Germany Venezuela China-Brazil Finland South Korea.

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Valdivieso's history dates back to 1879, the year in which Mr. Alberto Valdivieso founded Champagne Valdivieso, the first sparkling wine producer in Chile and South America.

Since then, Viña Valdivieso has established itself as the category leader in the domestic and South American market, lately expanding its borders to Europe and Asia. After a century since its foundation, the commercial production of wines begins in the Lontué winery, in the Curicó Valley, which has achieved worldwide recognition and have become icons of consumption in different countries.
Today, one hundred years later, Valdivieso continues to be the leader in the category delivering quality products, having the most varied portfolio in Latin America.

Traditional Method

This winery, which currently has its base of operations in the Curicó Valley. Their imposing facilities allow them to produce sparkling wines in various lines, made both by the magical traditional method (or Champenoise), and the industrial method (known as Charmat).

The first one carries out a second fermentation in the bottle, with the manual disgorging, in an artisanal, and very careful work of the winemaker. The second allows for large-scale processing. It is the same logic but carried out in large stainless steel tanks, in which almost the same result is achieved thanks to technology.


The Limarí Valley is located in the 4th region of Chile, about 450 km north of the city of Santiago. Annual precipitation is low around 70-100 mm, with temperatures fluctuating between 9 ° C and 27 ° C in summer. This valley is highly influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which generates the so-called “camchaca” (intense mist that penetrates from the sea inland) and which causes a slow ripening of the grapes and favors the care of aromas and flavors.

The soils are originated by alluvial-colluvial deposits and continental sediments, which give high salinity to the soil.It currently has some 245 hectares of wine vines and is one of the emerging wine areas in Chile. The main varieties grown are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Pinot Noir.

Image: Vina valdivieso

Award-Winning Wine

Vina Valdivieso has won many awards for its delightful wines including the Sommeliers Choice Awards 2020. This time Gold medal winner with 95 points and Wine Of The Year By Country is Caballo Loco Grand Cru Maipo 2015.

The Grand Cru series of wines show the ultimate expression of a given terroir in the premium grape growing areas in Chile. Bottling separately the components of the original Caballo Loco is the way we have to deliver a truly outstanding idea, in a more traditional way. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc displays the traditional attribute of the upper Maipo Valley. Pairs with beef, game, duck and spicy Asian cuisine. 18 months in 100% french oak, enjoy now or cellar for 8+ years.

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