Wineries are creating new channels to drive direct to consumer channels

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28/04/2020 See how wineries from all around the world are creating new ways and channeling their sales on Direct to Consumer Platform.

Consumers will soon be able to get more information on Battle Creek Cellars, The Long Drink Company and Battlefield Brew Works, on how they are ensuring safety, where they deliver, how they deliver, how are they protecting their employees, what special offers they have for the users on Get Drinks Delivered.

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Get Drinks Delivered platform is set to launch this May. This is where consumers will discover who is delivering what and where.

Get Drinks Delivered will create awareness for your pick and delivery channels.

"I struggle to know who (winery, brewery, distillery, bottleshop or a restaurant) is delivering and who is not. I will certainly use it." That is the response we got from one of the users in our market research test data for the product design. And that's EXACTLY why was launched” says Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network”

“It’s a very simple solution to a very big problem. Consumers will be able to see who is delivering, what product type and which post and zip codes, and call the business directly. More importantly, BTN will be helping push these businesses and help them market the message to create awareness and orders.”

Our registered user @TheLongDrinkCompany says " Long Drink has a real history behind it. It is an alcohol category in Finland that was first introduced for the 1952 Summer Games. The easiest way to explain how big it is in Finland is to think about what Guinness is for Ireland. Flavor-wise, it's more like a Fresca (less sweet) with a little kick of real distilled spirit in it" They're maintaining social distance and delivering to their consumers.

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“This is not just a one month solution, we see this as a good long term solution beyond Covid-19 to get some direct orders for themselves and keep their delivery business options in case of such crises.” – Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network

It is launching on May 1 the Get Drinks Delivered platform that gives anyone delivering online the chance to come together and tell a wider audience about it. Get Drinks Delivered is being launched in May and will be open to registration to all bars, restaurants, wine merchants, bottle shops, wineries, distilleries, and breweries that are making deliveries to customers.

Businesses have the opportunity to register now for free using this link. After May 30 there will be a $99 annual administration charge to run the platform.

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Get Drinks Delivered already has hundreds of wineries, breweries, distilleries, bottleshops and restaurants who have signed up for the launch and who are ready to take advantage of the early FREE year.

Each merchant will offer a special deal for the month, for example in the launch month Battle Creek Cellars will offer 25% off case purchases. They're also offering complimentary contactless delivery within the Pearl District, $10 contactless delivery within the Portland Metro Area, and $25 flat rate shipping.

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