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Winners in Sommeliers Choice Awards To Be Promoted Across The US

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08/07/2020 Put your wines into the Sommeliers Choice Awards and have them judged by the country’s top restaurant buyers and then showcased to consumers all over the US.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards give producers and brand owners far more than having the chance to win a medal or trophy for their wines. It could be the launch pad to promote them both to America’s leading influential restaurant buyers and sommeliers and then your target consumers through a network of drinks platforms, guides and exclusive tastings.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards are unique in that they are judged not just on the quality of the wine, but how well they pair with food, how flexible they are to suit a wide range of consumers and are they good value for money for their price point and how do they look sitting on a table or a bar.

These awards have the respect of the sommelier and buying community as only the best are allowed to judge and the wines are assessed in exactly the same way that any leading sommelier would judge a wine before it goes on their list.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards are also designed so that consumers, the average wine drinker and regular restaurant goer gets the chance to see which wines have won an award, but also understand what makes them special enough to stand out.

It’s why they have fast become such a popular competition for producers to enter as they also provide a full marketing support programme for any wines that pick up an award.

These include:

► Stickers to use at point of sale, and as shelf talkers or on bottle to promote the specific award you have won.
► A press release sent to the 20,000 most influential sommeliers and on-premise buyers in outlets, groups and chains all over the country
► Results also sent to the 2,000 top wine importers and distributors in the US which can be invaluable in finding pivotal distribution and supply chain partners in the country.
► Wines will also be featured in the Top 100 On-Premise Wines Guide that will include all the winners in the Sommelier Choice Awards.
► The chance to take part in the Sommeliers Choice Awards Winners Tasting at the key USA Trade Tasting event in New York.  

The USA Trade Tasting is just one event organised by the Beverage Trade Network (BTN) that runs the Sommeliers Choice Awards. Through its network of industry initiatives it will also help highlight the winners across its various editorial platforms that look to connect different sectors of the drinks together.

Together they give winners access to a further 50,000 US drinks professionals as part of the BTN community, including BTN News, Sommelier Business and Bevroute News.

BTN also works with a number of separate media partners that will help promote and write about the Sommelier Choice Awards.

The judging process for the 2021 Sommelier Choice Awards is still open and those who want to enter now is the perfect time as Special Pricing closes on March 31, 2021. ENTER NOW!

Further discounts are available for multiple entries. Click here for details. The final date for Special Pricing to end is March 31, 2021 with the judging taking place on May 16.

All the winners in the Sommelier Choice Awards will be announced on May 31, 2021.