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New Zealand’s Most Distinguished Heritage Wine Brand - te Pā

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Splendid Wines from World Famous Marlborough Wine Region

It is said that, if you see from the sky, te Pā is really a beautiful island, cut from the mainland by river and flood canal. They think of this as their own Manhattan Island.

Their vineyard is rich in soil, while fine alluvial gravels sit close beneath the surface, having said as perfect for wine.

In addition to their little oasis on the water's edge of the Wairau Valley, they also have land planted with berries in the highly sought-after Awatere low land between mountains near Seddon. Naturally cooler, drier and winder than its other Marlborough counterparts, the Awatere tends to be lower cropping which results in some dramatic, flavourful fruit.

The fruits of their Wairau and Awatere Valley vineyards are so well organized that every different characteristic of each site working complements and balances each other.


te Pā was launched in 2011 with a powerful story, bountiful and productive land, and a rich family heritage acclaim under Haysley’s leadership and vision. With sister brands Pā Road & Koha now taking their place at the te Pā table, and with some of the most sought-after vineyards in the world-famous Marlborough wine region, the portfolio reflects the unique terroir of the region and offers a tangible connection to an incredible piece of history.

Owner - Haysley MacDonald

“No matter where I travel, I always think of home” Haysley MacDonald – Director & Proprietor of te Pā Wines.

Haysley’s had a pivotal role in shaping many of the MacDonald family’s companies including successful agriculture and contracting ventures, so naturally, he has managed and succeeded all viticulture development and te Pā’s growth into a modern, export-oriented wine business. 

By the support of a solid management team and internationally experienced winemakers, Haysley is now spearheading the acquisition and growth phase for the globally distributed and award-winning te Pā Wines range.


“Great wine is all about respect.  Respect for the fruit, respect for the land, and respect for the people and the process.” Sam Bennett – Winemaker

Sam has been known by te Pā’s owner Haysley MacDonald for a number of years now and leaped at the opportunity to join the rest of the te Pā team in mid-2015.

Sam possesses International experience which includes the cool climate regions of Tasmania, Oregon, and Burgundy. Additionally, he has practiced Kiwi winemaking skills at wineries including Craggy Range in Hawke’s Bay and Marisco & Highfield in Marlborough.

These roles of involvement have seen Sam work with boundless diverse range of regions stretching from Hawke’s Bay to Martinborough, Marlborough, Nelson, and Central Otago.

Their Wines

Their wines are artfully blended from fruits harvested from some of the best vineyards in Marlborough.

For their first few vintages, they have used fruit from a single vineyard - their precious home block at the Wairau Bar.

Today, with over 500 hectares under vine across the Marlborough region, they have the ability to select the best parcels from each vineyard to create wines brimming with complexity, stability, and sophistication. 

Their Sauvignon Blanc Oke and Pinot Gris are single vineyard wines, which creates a pure, honest taste. Wines sourced from a single vineyard tend to offer a strong expression of the site and a sense of place that can't be replicated. For example, their Wairau Bar vineyard has a unique expression because of its geographic location between the river and the ocean, so the fruit grown there expresses itself unlike any other site in the Wairau Valley.

Other wines, such as Gold medal Pinot Noir and flagship Sauvignon Blanc are blended from parcels from around Marlborough culminating in complex, complete, and intelligent wines. For Sauvignon, in particular, they blend parcels from the Wairau Bar and from the Awatere Valley, which work well together because each vineyard possesses such different characteristics that when combined, are complemented and enhanced.

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