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EVOO and Citrus Cake 

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09/11/2020 Perfect combo of herbaceous olive oil and anise seed met with fresh, summer-sweet orange and lemon, here's the recipe for EVOO and Citrus Cake.

A delicious final course and goodness in disguise. Perfect combo of herbaceous olive oil and anise seed met with fresh, summer-sweet orange and lemon. The generous use of EVOO lends not only a superior, tender, fluffy texture over butter but superior health benefits. Evoo’s profile of antioxidant-rich biophenols, tocopherols, phytosterols, and squalene elevate this seemingly decadent treat to superfood status. Deceptively healthy and a mega people pleaser? Definitely my kind of “dessert”. Pair delectable desserts like this with even sweeter wines. In the spirit of an Italian- inspired dessert, steer toward Vin Santo.

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Timothy Neumann is an Australian Nutritionist, Chef, Culinary Consultant and Freelance Writer based in Napa, California. As a regular contributor of recipes and wine pairings for Sommeliers Choice Awards, Tim will be your resident food guru and bring you awesome recipes. Tim’s approach to food is healthy, balanced and seasonal cooking to fuel a happy and productive mind! If you’re visiting wine country, get a taste of Australia meets Californian cuisine.

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