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11 Winning Wines That Sommeliers Must Stock in 2020

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05/02/2020 Are you looking for wines that can fill the gap in your wine menu? Take a look at these 11 winning wines.

Sommeliers will agree that stocking wines for wine cellar can be pretty tempting. A well stocked cellar should satisfy every palate and occasion, it can even take your consumers to the places they might have never gone otherwise. A striking wine menu can make a difference between a restaurant being forgettable or standing out. It is one of the key factors to increase bottom line.

Just as there is no single recipe to grow grapes, there is no single effective way to curate a list of winning wines. One question still remains, how do you choose the wines?  

How about we present you those wines, that your fellow sommeliers have selected? Take a look at these winning wines which were tasted and reviewed by leading sommeliers, wine directors, Master of wine and wine buyers at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards.  

1. Pata Negra Toro 2017- Spain 

The intense red color of Pata Negra Toro by J. Garcia Carrion S.A., has purple tones. On the nose stands out firstly the varietal aromas complementing with the tones of the barreling time, vanilla and smoked ones. This wine is structured in the mouth, balanced and nice. It is a Roble sweeping and with a long aftertasting. combines perfectly with all kind of meats and well-seasoned stews.

2. 2013 Bird in Hand- Australia 

This Shiraz by Bird in Hand has intense aromas of spice, blackberry and white pepper. The palate is a long and elegant expression of blackberries with hints of star anise and chocolate.

3. 2016 Fathers + Daughters Cellars- United States 

Fathers + Daughters Cellars Chardonnay is classic in style, this wine’s bright personality begins on the nose with pineapple and lychee complimented by delicate florals of orange blossom and split cedar. A smooth yet vibrant mouthfeel and notes of fresh-cut white peaches set this sophisticated and invigorating Chardonnay apart from the crowd. On the palate, lively citrus tones are moderated by weight and texture: lemon, grapefruit and guava are matched by caramel, pistachio, and green apple. This wine is both focused and nuanced, with a smooth body and a mouthwatering Champagne finish.

4. 2017 Nostos Romeiko- Greece 

Manousakis Winery's Romeiko has bright lemon-green color with slow and rich legs. The nose has high intensity. Unripe gooseberry, grassy notes, and some marzipan. Medium bodies and fresh mouth with intense flavor of white stone fruit. Long finish of citrus and grassy notes.

5.  2016 St Andrews Shiraz-  Australia


Shiraz by Wakefield/Taylors Wines has a concentrated ruby red colour with a dark mahogany hue to the edge. On the nose, the wine is complex and enticing with red berry fruits, dark chocolate, dusty spice, and hints of charcuterie, cigar box and roasted coffee. On the palate, the wine is rich and complex with layers of flavour. Dark berry fruits combine with lashings of coffee, chocolate and spice from high quality oak. The fruit and oak weight create a multidimensional palate which is defined with well-balanced, elegant tannins.

6. 2016 Timbrus- Moldova 

Timbrus is a ruby-red, with cherry undertone. It's aroma is rich with notes of cherry and ripe plums, dried fruits and vanilla. The taste is complete, with juiced notes of raspberry and berries, with mild velvety body. The aftertaste is velvety, with mild tannins.

7. 2017 Oda al Vino- Chile 

St. Stephen Organic Vineyards Oda al Vino has a beautiful deep red violet color. It is a complex wine whose aromas of red fruits blend harmoniously with soft notes of spices, sour fruits and oak. The flavors reflect the character and terroir of Carménère: the refreshing influence of the Andes mountain range in winter, minimum rainfall during the growing season and hot summers. Tannins firm and pleasant offer an excellent balance of acidity, body and volume.

8. 2015 Safriel House Select Vineyards- South Africa

Chenin Blanc by Safriel House is a medium bodied wine with aromatics ranging from white pear to peach which opens up to subtle lemony citrus flavors and long finish.

9. 2018 te Pa Rosé- New Zealand 

te Pa Family Vineyards Pinot Noir Rosé is a very attractive pale cherry/salmon pink colour. It possesses a perfumed bouquet of crushed red fruits and delicate rose petal florals, with some intriguing spice and aniseed notes. This delicious Rosé is delicately structured and pure fruited. Strawberries, raspberries, spice and lavender lead into a dry finish with a gentle vein of lingering acidity.

10. 2016 Aslina Umsasane- South Africa 

Aslina is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and petit Verdot. Umsasane being an umbrella tree, grandmother’s nickname. As umbrella tree gives shade and protect what is under it, so as grandmother’s characters to all who were near her. The bold structure, smoothness and complexity of this wine relates to the characters of Aslina, as the matriarch of the family.

11. 2017 Mary's Folly- United States

Amoritas Vineyards Auxerrois blanc is vinified together Pinot Blanc, Muscat Ottonel and Auxerrois grapes express the best of the 2017 season. A dry blend full of peach and melon with a soft edge of floral notes remains intense and full-bodied and shows off the best of the three varieties that make up the blend.

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