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Top 10 Pinot Noir Wines Hand-Picked By Sommeliers

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19/08/2019 These top 10 Pinot Noirs selected by sommeliers are sure to capture your hearts and palates.

Pinot Noir — a demanding and noble grape has a reputation of being high maintenance. This early-sprouting variety takes a particular climate to grow and is defenceless to late-season frost, implying that frequently, the grapes don't endure a full harvest season. This can be challenging for the producers but the exceptional taste is what excites the winemakers to cultivate this notorious grape. At its best, the grape skilfully produces wines of extraordinary complexity and beauty. Offering a definitive food-friendly and inviting character, Pinot Noir has a lot of diversity and reliably shows a flexible, generally welcomed taste profile.

Despite being a tricky grape, Pinot Noir is a crowd-pleaser and a darling of the wine world. Let’s witness 10 killer pinot noir wines that anyone in the room will enjoy. These wines were tasted and assessed by the experts of Sommeliers Choice Awards.

10. Iris    

Country: United States

Produced by: 1849 Wine Co.

Vintage: 2016

Iris embodies a cornucopia of flavors.  The longer, cooler growing season imparts this Pinot Noir’s distinct characteristics which are revealed by the winemakers.  Crisp & bright on the nose with a velvety smooth finish and slight oak overtone defines this elegant work of art.

9. Scott Family Estate Pinot Noir

Country: United States

Produced by:  Rutherford Wine Company

Vintage: 2016

This red wine has a sweet sage and cherry bouquet with notes of toasted oak and dark roasted coffee, with subtle flavors of dried cherry, vanilla, berries and fresh rosemary.  Its crisp acidity is balanced with robust tannins for a mouth-filling texture and long, luxurious finish. This 100% Pinot Noir is richly textured with balanced acidity, silky tannins and a smooth, lingering finish. Enjoy this elegant Pinot Noir now or savor for the next ten years. The hearty  and  richly  flavored  dishes  like  Beef  Bourguignon,  pan-seared  Halibut  with  a  rich  and  creamy  sauce  or  roasted  butternut  squash and goat cheese pizza goes really well with the wine. It has 14.5% ABV.

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8. Breaking Ground Pinot noir            

Country: United States

Produced by: Adelsheim Vineyard

Vintage: 2015

This 2015 Pinot noir is one of the top 10 wines that is hand-picked by Sommeliers that offers aromas of roasted spices, black raspberries, lilacs, dark loam, and bramble. Flavor follows with notes of cocoa nibs, toasted anise seed, and black cherry. Textures are rich and silky, with supple acidity. This wine has a lingering finish. It has 13.5% ABV.

7. Blanc de Noirs                

Country: United States

Produced by:  Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards / Freixenet Sonoma Caves


This wine has bright strawberry and black cherry aromas with subtle vanilla highlights. It’s creamy cherry, lemon and cola flavors combine with a lush palate to give lively bubbles and a persistent finish. Outstanding with crab, Thai cuisine, roast pork, quail, foie gras or semi-sweet desserts. Seasoning affinities include star anise, plum sauce and tarragon. Look to triple aged gouda or hard aged cheeses with persimmons and hazelnuts for the cheese course. It has 12.5% ABV.

6. Coventina  Pinot Noir         

Country: United States

Produced by: Coventina Vineyards, LLC

Vintage: 2016

This beautiful, cherry red fruity wine has an extremely smooth texture. The finish is long and elegant. It possesses darker fruit notes including freshly picked blackberries and pomegranates. It will pair nicely with a broad variety of foods as well as being delicious savored by itself.

5. Tiki Estate Waipara Pinot Noir 2016   

Country: New Zealand

Produced by:  Tiki Wine & Vineyards

Vintage: 2016

This bright, cherry red wine has aromas of dark cherry and plum supported by a background of toasty oak. This blend from Waipara is richly flavoured and aromatic and delivers elegant, earthy Pinot flavours complemented by fine-grained tannins and well balanced subtle oak flavours. The palate is full but soft with great length of flavour and finishes dry with perfect weight and mouthfeel. This wine goes well with cheese, cold meats, patés, and terrines. It has 14% ABV.

4. Decibel Martinborough Pinot Noir

Country: New Zealand

Produced by: Decibel Wines

Vintage: 2016

From the famous terraces of Martinborough the 2016 Pinot Noir is crafted with 10% whole bunch fermentation and only 10 months in oak allowing the wine to retain its elegance. It has Intense dark cherry, forest floor, and savory aromatics osculate the nose on first approach with hints of dried vanilla and lightly toasted nuts. A structured front palate turns quickly into luscious, juicy tannins with a lingering suppleness.

3. Blanc de Noirs

 Country: United States

Produced by:  Domaine Chandon


This white wine is made with lots of wine from multiple vintages. Blanc de Noirs is characteristically marked by cherry, currant and strawberry aromas and flavors. These red fruit flavors build in the mid-palate and finish with a soft, lingering creamy texture. The versatility of Blanc de Noirs makes it easy to pair with everything from spicy enchiladas and grilled chicken with chimichurri sauce to sushi and shrimp salad.

2. Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir    

Country: United States

Produced by:  Winc

Vinatge: 2017

This medium bodied red wine is dry on the palate and has tasting notes of cedar, pink pepper, rhubarb, strawberry. It is aged in 30% new French oak for 12 months to enhance notes of sweet spice, this round Pinot pairs nicely with pork, poultry and cheeses. It has 13.6% ABV.

1. Adron Wines Manchester Ridge Vineyard     

Country: United States

Produced by:  Adron Wines

Vintage: 2016

This red wine was recently chosen as a Gold Medal Winner at the Sommelier's Choice Awards in San Francisco, this beautiful Pinot Noir comes from the Mendocino Ridge AVA, it is earthy, with overtones of strawberries.

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