Lawrence Kobesky

Hospitality Consultant

Innovative food & beverage professional with comprehensive restaurant and distributor operations experience. Extensive personal relationships among the upper tier Chicago & national decision makers. Expertise in managing beverage programs with a focus on cost control and inventory management. Leader in conceptualization development and execution of award winning beverage programs. Works actively with a “do as I do” mentality and quickly ascends any group emerging as a leader. Strongly believe in establishing positive company culture to limit turnover and create a vibrant work environment. Comprehensive understanding of the national and international luxury wine and spirits brands landscape.

Food and beverage cost control, sales, inventory management, in depth market and distributor management, innovation for check average increase, cellar management, purchasing experience, innovation and product awareness, excellent leader and educator. Extensive wine knowledge, focus on Old World. Creative development of progressive food and wine programs influenced from extensive international travels.

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Will Parsons

Vice President, International Operations & Global Portfolio Manager at PARSONS FINE IMPORTS