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Most Followed Sommeliers On Instagram

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01/02/2019 Immerse yourself in wine by following these sommeliers who are splashing the internet with jaw-dropping images.

Oh-boy, Instagram- a majority of us remain glued to it as a source for content and inspiration. It is not bad after all, with Sommeliers being the new media superstars, they are influencing wine lovers across the planet with mind-boggling images of wine bottles, vineyards, and grapes. Sommeliers who are travelers as well are always in search of best wine anywhere they go. These sommeliers, with their unique style and humor, are posting in such a way by which we find ourselves drooling over most of the wines in their feed. Follow these wine pros and catch up on some great posts and informative content.

1) Ian Cauble


Ian is one of the youngest Master Sommelier. He was named as the ‘Best Young Sommelier in the World Under 35 Years Old,’ in 2011 and in the same year he won the first prize as TOP SOMM in the United States. He was featured as one of the main characters in a popular wine documentary film, SOMM. Ian’s worldwide hunt for exceptional wines can be availed for a free subscription at SommSelect. He has an Instagram page SommSelect as well, where he shares informative posts, beautiful images of vineyards, wines and the places he travels.

Instagram links: Ian Cauble and SommSelect

Image source: www.sommselect.com

2) Joanie Metivier


This wine woman has a craze for wine and is ambitious to learn as much as possible about the amazing world of wine. With immense wine knowledge (WSET level 3, CMS, and Whiskey Ambassador), she is also equipped with other subjects like tourism, geography, and translation. She believes wine is for sharing and caring and shares her wine adventures and discoveries with wine lovers around the world through wine bottles, travel to the wine regions, wine and spirits events etc. She has a recent ebook coming up on How to Pass Your Sommelier Exam.

Instagram link: Joanie Metivier

Image source: www.twitter.com

3) Aldo Sohm


19 and caught the wine bug at an early age while visiting a vineyard in Italy, Aldo Sohm, till this date considers himself incredibly lucky to have his hobby as his career. He has won World’s Best Sommelier Competition in 2008. He is the director of New York’s four-star rated restaurant, Le Bernardin, as well as his own establishment Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.

Instagram link: Aldo Sohm

Image source: www.twitter.com

4) Rajat Parr


Rajat Parr is the partner/ proprietor of Sandhi wines, Domaine de la Cote, and Evening Land Vineyards. He is the co-author of the books, Secrets of The Sommeliers, and the Sommeliers Atlas of Taste. Wine director for the Michael Mina group, he is a legend among sommeliers. Check out his Instagram for notes from the vineyards.

Instagram link: Rajat Parr

Image source: www.eveninglandvineyards.com

5) Cristie Norman


Cristie is a certified sommelier (CMS and WSET3) at the famous Spago restaurant, in Beverly Hills, California. She shares her wine-tips and experiences on her Instagram and teaches the basics of wine and spirits on her YouTube series “Adulting With Alcohol”, a mix of wine education and humor. Cristie is very (very) active on her account. She has a pretty cool t-shirt line as well.

FACT: You will never get bored of her feed!

Instagram link: Cristie Norman

Image source: www.cristienorman.com

6) Brian McClintic


Brain is a Master Sommelier and documentary film star to feature in SOMM and the follow-up SOMM: Into the Bottle. He has 15 years of experience in hospitality which spans wine destinations such as the Little Nell in Aspen; Brian co-founded Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant in Santa Barbara where he was named “The Wine Guy to Hire”. Caught the travel bug in recent years, he launched Viticole an online wine club and travel blog, which focuses on organically-farmed domestic and import selections. By the 1st of every month, Brian travels to vineyards all over the world and offers out special bottling directly from the winery door in real time. He shares the same on his Instagram page, Viticole Wine Club.

Instagram links: Brian McClintic and Viticole Wine Club

Image source: www.twitter.com

7) Pascaline Lepeltier


On November 11, 2018, Pascaline Lepeltier won the final round of Meilleur Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen of France) competition in the sommelier category. She is the first woman ever to become one of the M.O.F in the sommelier category. She also won the Best Sommelier de France at the Union de la Sommellerie in Paris, gathering the top two French awards in her field. She is currently the Managing Partner at Racines.

Instagram link: Pasacaline Lepeltier

Image source: www.pinterest.com

8) Geoff Kruth


Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth is president of GuildSomm.com, a nonprofit membership organization which is committed to education, inspiration & networking for wine industry professionals. Travel around with him as he shares informative posts about everything wine, from grapes, to vineyard to how a wine glass is made on his page, Guildsomm.

Instagram links: Geoff Kruth and GuildSomm

Image source: www.pinterest.com

9) Paz Levinson


An Argentinean Sommelier and Educator living in France, Paz Levinson is Chef   Sommelier Executive at Groupe Pic. In 2015 she won the ASI & APAS “Best Sommelier of Americas” and in 2016 the ASI “Best Sommelier of the World”. She shares her wonderful tasting experiences and visits images with fellow wine lovers on Instagram.

Instagram Link: Paz Levinson

Image source: www.pinterest.com

10) June Rodil


This Texas-based beverage director of McGuire Moorman Hospitality and Master Sommelier (seventh in Texas and 23rd woman in the United States) is a cheerful and funny person and her Instagram is an attractive look into a brilliant professional living the life she loves. She’s an inspiring woman in the wine world.

Instagram link: June Rodil

Image source: www.pinterest.com

11) Michael Engelmann


He is a Master Sommelier and Wine Director at The Modern in New York. He believes wine as a job and is very passionate about it. He specializes in wine service and creation of wine lists. Having in-depth knowledge of wines worldwide and other beverages, food and how they can best complement each other, he is eager to impart this knowledge to the customer. His Instagram has many wonderful images of wine bottles.

Instagram link: Michael Englemann

Image source: www.sommelierschoiceawards.com

12) Laura Maniec


After nearly eight years of intensive study, Laura Maniec achieved her Master Sommelier designation and she is one of the 33 Female of the Master Sommelier US in the world. Maniec is now the CEO and co-founder of Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar, which is a series of wine-centric restaurants. They focus on offering an approachable yet varied selection of wines. Her Instagram feed shows a variety of wine.

Image source: Laura Maniec

Image source: www.pinterest.com

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