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Jeremy Broto-Mur MS

Master Sommelier

Jeremy Broto-Mur holds over a decade of experience in the wine industry. He began his  journey in 2005 in the southwest of France studying hospitality management. Soon after, he  discovered a passion for wine and fine dining that led him to travel to France, U.K, Ireland,  Switzerland, San Francisco, Palm Beach, and New York to expand his knowledge at many Michelin-Star Restaurants. During his career, has been fortunate to work for renowned chefs,  including Patrick Guilbaud, Philippe Rochat, Gary Danko, Anne-Sophie Pic, Daniel Boulud, and  Claude Le Tohic. He recently started his new role as wine director for the multi-concept building  ONE65 in San Francisco.  

In 2009, Broto-Mur achieved the National Winning Sommelier at the World Skills Competition  in France. He became an Advanced Sommelier in 2017 from the Court of Master Sommeliers  and earned his Master Sommelier Diploma in 2021. 

He grew up in the French Alps and settled in The Bay Area in Northern California with his wife,  where they initially met in 2012. He enjoys traveling and outdoor activities, including a passion  for winter sport.


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