How wineries can use social media to boost up sales

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24/09/2021 In the digital era, if there is a space for everyone to grow then why not wineries? Love it or not, social media is playing a major role these days in growing up your brand.

Social media has now turned up to be an essential part of the marketing strategy for any wine brand. Be it paid or organic, both can increase a brand’s awareness as well as help brands to increase their customer base.

Here are some tips on how wineries can leverage the digital space they might be missing out on.

Build your brand identity

The first and foremost rule for building a brand is to keep your fonts, colors, designs consistent on all the platforms by which customers can easily identify your brand. The easy way out for this is to stick to one color and your logo in all the posts you do.

Increase Connections

Strong networking always benefits in sales and growth of the company. Try to build the connection not only with your customers but also with other wineries, wine-focused publications, and others within the beverage industry. This will help your brand get highlighted in front of a larger audience. 

Do not limit your content

Social media is all about sharing content and making the most out of Images, Videos, and Captions. Try to engage viewers with not only your content but the facts, news, and something trendy related to the beverage industry. Try to give customers what they want.

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The tone of Content

In the wine and spirits industry there is more space for a casual and playful tone than in other industries, however, going overboard with humor or being deflecting from your brand identity would not help. Finding the right balance of tone would really benefit your brand. It is very important to maintain a singular tone when you are posting.

Type of Post

 Always try to show the real identity or real image while posting, Keeping it simple will actually do wonders. Try to post customer reviews, customer stories, behind the scenes, etc which make people feel as if they are part of your brand. Try to give a personal touch and be more human in your digital communication. 

Keep a Track

Do not miss the analytics part of social media. It is as important as your sales figures and data. Social Media analytics can help you make meaningful decisions in terms of what your audience actually wants and can help you meet their expectations. Try to keep track of how the customers are engaging, Which content received more likes, comments, etc. This can help you to increase engagement and give your viewers more of what they want.

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Building brand awareness without even spending a single penny seems like a dream to most of the wineries, but to make it true, you have to work on social media platforms. Because of its heavy reach, eternal popularity, and prominence on images and videos, social media is a great tool for wineries for increasing wine sales.

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