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Wine and Food

Beef Wellington

19/11/2020 | On this page, you will find the recipe for Beef Wellington.

Wine and Food

Raddichio Salad

19/11/2020 | On this page, you will find the recipe for Raddichio Salad.

Wine Reviews

Merlots You Shouldn't Be Missing Out On

18/11/2020 | A wine that has impressed connoisseurs for centuries with its fruit-forward flavor and its soft & elegant body, here are the most amazing Merlots that you shouldn’t be missing out on in 2020.

Wine and Food

EVOO and Citrus Cake 

09/11/2020 | Perfect combo of herbaceous olive oil and anise seed met with fresh, summer-sweet orange and lemon, here's the recipe for EVOO and Citrus Cake.

Wine and Food

Korean Fried Chicken

09/11/2020 | Coated in a thick crust of crushed corn flakes, oven-roasted, and finished with an alluring sweet and spicy Korean inspired BBQ basting. This mouth-watering chicken is a sure-fire crowd favorite.


How to Craft a Standout, Profitable Wine List

06/11/2020 | No matter what the size of a restaurant is, small or large, the wine list serves as its ultimate business card. Know the strategies to craft that perfect, profit-oriented wine list